So I’m not technically savvy. I got it to

So I’m not technically savvy. I got it to work, for the CPI taken off and it worked with my iPhone etc, but was having some problems, perhaps with programming, etc. i would randomly freeze. I didn’t touch anything in the green screen because i didn’t feel confident to do it right. so I decided to go back to my original system and sell this off!

Perhaps someone else that’s more technically savvy can get this to work.

I paid far more than what I’m selling it for, so hopefully someone out there can do better than me for less than what I paid!

Asking $400 for all of it. Including the fakra cable. I’ll cover shipping! There is some slight wear on the ebrake lever, but completely functioning!

Only shipping to the lower 48 states!

Can’t seem to get the img link working ugh