What’s up all!I wanted to post this so ABT can

What’s up all!

I wanted to post this so ABT can get honest feedback from true RS3 owners, and hopefully we can help them make a decision with the US market.

We just wrapped up logging 1K miles on an RS3 with the ABT AEC power upgrade on 93 octane fuel. It ran perfectly with no faults, misfires, etc. Unfortunately scheduling conflicts prevented us from getting on the dyno, but this was rated for 460HP and 390 lb ft based on 98 RON fuel.

The challenge currently is that ABT’s price is substantial versus other offerings, but their prices included a 4 yr/50K type warranty on the motor. Their still seems to be some residual effect from the STaSIS days and Audi USA, so I suggested ABT sell these in the US without the warranty like other companies do.

As you can see from the pictures, this is an OEM quality upgrade and uses a true stand alone ecu.

So…how many of you would be interested in this without the warranty if the price was fair? Would you pay more for a setup like this with the harness, etc and do you see the value in it?

Would someone have an interest in this exact setup for a special price if ABT were to offer it to you before sending it back to Germany?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and share your opinions.

My email: Tommy@nemesisautosport.com