Find Your Own “Happyness”What if you had $1

Find Your Own “Happyness”

What if you had $1 billion dollars in your bank?

What would you do differently?

Buy a mansion? Get a Ferrari? Travel the world?… And then what?

For me, even if I had a billion dollars in the bank, I would probably be doing the same things I do every day that makes me happy.

Reading a great book while sipping on a cup of tea.

Watching a comedy or an inspirational movie.

Playing an open-world game, killing zombies, exploring new quests, building virtual houses.

Listening to The Witcher 3 soundtrack.

Writing a book.

Building new websites.

Happiness is not expensive. It’s the little things that you come across every day. Happiness is all around you.

Most people lose themselves in the “pursuit of happyness” and they often miss out on the things that truly keeps them happy.

Don’t let others define your dreams, life, or your happiness.

Find your own happiness and embrace it!