BackgroundNightfall started her business,


Nightfall started her business, ‘Shamsana Animals and Services’ many years ago.

Since, she has joined the Meridian Association in the hopes of gaining many more potential customers.

Due to external circumstances, she lost most of her trade caravans, and has been left with only one. This has also left her with a lack of supplies, which she has only just been able to gather up again, including ointments for animals and remedies.

After having spoken to Magister Isirion, she has taken up the studies of Draconic to further her obsession for dragons.

Her friend, and only caretaker of the company, Unesa, recently died. She was buried on a sloping hill beneath a tree by the coast in Northern Stranglethorn. Her loss will never be forgotten.

Chiel, in a stupid move, decided to take a friend and customer, Lysannia, on an expedition to rescue her own wolf puppies from Northrend. The two encountered great beasts, and were worn down in their determination. As Chiel laid there to bleed out, desperately calling through on her device for help, she couldn’t help but think of what a fool she was for undertaking something so dangerous with no help. Yet — it’s something she will learn from, and another scar for the memory.

Such scars only filled her with determination to improve. In a training session for the Association, she lost a tooth — and rather than get a replacement, she’d prefer to take the extra scar with pride. In further training sessions she’d go on to almost lose her fingers, out of stupidity for trying to grab a sword. It serves her right. Not to mention the amount of scars the woman already had from animals.

The business is beginning to recover, and she has left the Meridian Association, with a new employee, Aelamda Youngwind. Under Chiel’s watchful eye she will be trained to handle animals and other tasks for the company, becoming the new caretaker in replacement of Unesa.

Her fake name has been abandoned. «Shamsana» now goes by «Nightfall», her true family name. Due to such, she wears the clothing in her familial colours — being a raven black and indigo blue.

Happy memories are entwined in sad ones — the loss of a young child, loved by all within the company, along with her father, will form scars that even the most hardened of individuals will find hard to heal over. Drawings are pinned in loving memory.

With the upcoming war and situation in Silithus, Chiel has changed her neutral alignment to open hostility to the Alliance. This in itself, however, is a lie, built to fabricate her true neutral alignment.

Her and her partner appear to have adopted a beloved corgi, Stirling. He’s so fat, he would rather waddle than walk, and despite her telling Arithion to have the corgi lose weight — the poor pet hasn’t appeared to have lost any yet. Perhaps in the future said weight issues can be kept further in check.

Anei, a beloved friend and colleague, appears to have died — and Chiel feels nothing but regret and guilt, and seeks to move past. Being left with bracelets, forged from the ice from Icecrown itself and heavily entangled with the arcane, she keeps Anei in her heart and memory always. Such an incident left Chiel permanently scarred, along with her creature, Hadis. He will never be able to fly again.

Rumours has it she’s taken a creature of formidable size ‘under her wing’ — though where she keeps it is unknown. The undertaking of such a creature has added to her scar collection, which appears to be growing as rapidly as her tea collection is.

The avid tea collector has a collection of twenty six teabags — and will be more than happy to add to that list or reel them all off by memory should any ask.

Chiel has relinquished training of Aelamda Youngwind, and no longer wants anything to do with the elf, despite how close they were before. Strange how one could turn so quickly from liking to a complete hatred — yet it has happened. Instead, Chiel is focusing more on her company than any specific individuals within.

Chiel has decided to let the majority of her staff go, and continue her company as a solo venture.

Anei’s death appears to have started a whole wheel turning, and a new story has begun. Her and Tillithous have forged a bond, in an attempt to uncover the mysteries of the past, and give Anei’s spirit a proper send-off. Chiel has acquired her urn, and seeks to scatter the ashes to the wind, with Arithion and Ilthanis by her side.

Rumour has it the Sin’dorei, even for her young age, was once briefly engaged — perhaps even twice, by odd circumstances. The first being purely accidental, and the second, when she mistook a grief-fueled argument in which a ring was presented for being a joke. It’s a miracle as to how poor Sir Del’arith has taken not one, but two rejections — despite one not having been entirely serious. Such a rejection resulted in her favourite teaset being smashed, and the loss of a few mugs. Surprisingly, by herself.

A strange delivery of a realistic mannequin — and its set up in Chiel’s hut has led her to not question it, but to simply use it. Sometimes, it’s better to just not ask questions.