Art made by: SoleillooPantheric, a vision in

Art made by: Soleilloo

Pantheric, a vision in ebony with braided locks manicured hands ease from her countenance.

Eyes lined with kohl, chatoyant in their prime, pools of opulent melted umber flecked with nitid gold. Thick, sooty lashes were coruscated by substantial, groomed brows, arched expertly and spooled into perfection, a shimmering pigment applied to her browbone to make it pop.

A salmon lipstick was painted atop full, petulantly pouting lips, glossed over to make them look far more dimensional and plump.

Commonly seen in greying colour palettes to accentuate her rich appearance, hugging her bountiful hips and toned waistline, her stance often drawing attention to sumptuous thighs clad in tight leather or rare fabrics.

                                              Written by Delight