New Pyro loadout!I’ve decided on a third cosmetic

New Pyro loadout!

I’ve decided on a third cosmetic for the Pyromancers Robes. The Cremators Conscience, painted Value of Teamwork, almost blends in but just pops out enough with the team spirit Pyromancers garb.

(Here have a thing

It’s simple and fits in well with TF2s style and colours, doesn’t scream for attention or look edgy, and also looks kinda cute. (

I already have the paints for them, I’m going to buy the pieces tomorrow, when the tradeable timer on my keys runs out. Then sell the unusual I unboxed yesterday to get my money back.

Sorry to the people who wanted me to keep my cat loadout in my other raffle… I’ll probably let it sit in my backpack for a while, until I decide to sell it… I’m just not great with getting focused and hated on just because of a loadout, as if people who play pyro aren’t already hated on enough.

(Here’s the other raffle, it has the poll and picture of my cat loadout

Thank you guys for the support though.