But this was only the beginning for the fresh

But this was only the beginning for the fresh Czech who later moved to the USA to direct Academy Award-winning films «Amadeus» and «One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest».

In America, his record as a Czech filmmaker was enough to gain him entree to Hollywood’s studios, but his early suggestions for film projects were quickly rejected.

Among his other notable works are the rock musical «Hair», «Ragtime» and «The People vs Larry Flint».

His parents had died in a Nazi concentration camp when he was 9.

Forman once said his friends had discouraged him from going anywhere near the script based on Ken Kesey’s novel, which they deemed too American for a fresh immigrant.

He was 86 years old, according to Dennis Aspland, Forman’s representative. The CTK news agency quoted his wife Martina as saying Forman, who lived in the United States, died suddenly on Friday after a short illness.

Forman, who was born in the small town of Caslav in 1932, moved to U.S.in the 1960s and became widely known for his humanism, dark humor, and fascination with rebellious characters. The film picked up eight Oscars, including Forman’s second for Best Director and another Best Picture.

Just two years later, Forman made «The Firemen’s Ball», a satirical look at the country’s communist regime. «And right there after the show, I met for the first time Peter Shaffer, and I told him that if he would ever consider making a movie, I would be very interested».

«A director is little bit of everything, little bit of the writer, little bit of an actor, little bit of an editor, little bit of a costume designer», Forman once said. They were named after comedian Andy Kaufman and Jim Carrey, who played the part of Kaufman in «Man on the Moon».

Never prolific, Forman’s output slowed even more after «Amadeus», and his three subsequent films were disappointments. He left his second wife, singer Vera Kresadlova, behind with the couple’s twin sons when he left Czechoslovakia.

That marriage ended in 1999, and Forman married Zborilova.