The United States reported that a man went

The United States reported that a man went through to 100 years later? Scientists: the whirlpool of time and space is everywhere

2018-04-15 00:25:08

I hope he can make people have time travel one day in the future to the past, to sum up, even if you can not change what, witness the history or future is something to celebrate, but if this thing really happened, you may not think so because, through time and space may simply have no you imagine so good, today Xiaobian take you to understand with famous events through time and space, you may in the future of space through this topic are not interested. According to

American fun science website reported that in nineteenth Century the United States had occurred to feel fantastic space through an event, there was a man in the street to take a walk after lunch, then never came back, the local police, the case is defined as the mystery of the missing case, this may be a preliminary estimate the murder is buried, so they can’t find him.

originally the case should be in the past, but a traffic accident brought it up again. Also in the street after 100 years in the US, a strange man was looking around in the street. He saw a bit of confusion from his anxious eyes. However, the man’s mistake was wrong. He shouldn’t suddenly stand in the middle of the road, so that the car that came rushing to death was killed alive. According to the description of the driver,

didn’t always stand there, but suddenly jumped out of the air and even had no time to brake on the brakes. Then the US police launched an investigation into the accident. The first thing to understand is who the real identity of the man is, so as to inform his family members of his misfortune as soon as possible.

police in the man coat pocket found a leather purse, the last century style, some of the last century has been eliminated notes found in the wallet, only a written the name of the man’s name card. Police put the name into the population inquiry system to see where the man was, but something else happened. What was the matter about the man who was found to be missing 100 years ago by the police at the time?

according to the analysis of experts later said that this man should be met with time and space and turbulence in the legend, was inadvertently when they walk into another piece of space is 100 years, but apparently the man’s luck is not very good, because in a moment just from time and space out of the tunnel will encounter a rushing car, it will lead to the accident.

some scholars said, at present about human space through the theory is very few, even if we don’t know why I passed through, and from the above incident, crossing location also has great randomness, and if a person to the surrounding environment is very strange, then through the few minutes will be full of crisis, such as the man did not know what happened to the car was killed, but also very wronged.