Born in Taiwan family, he helped Ma Yuncheng

Born in Taiwan family, he helped Ma Yuncheng China’s richest man, to spend 7 billion 200 million to buy the NBA team to play

2018-04-15 00:25:06

NBA since Yao Ming retired, although Yi Jianlian and Zhou Qi and others appeared in NBA, the feeling of watching the ball was gone. But after today, the Chinese fans have their own home team, the team is the NBA basketball team.

has been officially approved by NBA. Cai Chongxin, the founder of Alibaba group, is the most mysterious man of Ali, who has bought 49% of NBA basket net team for 1 billion 200 million yuan to 7 billion 200 million yuan. The net is valued at $2 billion 350 million, refreshing the latest NBA record.

Cai Chongxin is now the world’s hottest technology tycoons, said tech tycoon seems to have been fond of NBA, now NBA clippers boss is the chief executive of Microsoft, Baumer, and Portland pioneer team boss is Microsoft co-founder Paul Alan.

‘s investment was entirely Cai Chongxin’s personal behavior, that is, it spent 7 billion 200 million, just to buy a NBA team. Cai Chongxin was born in the great family of Taiwan. His grandfather Cai six took the lead in the legal circles of Taiwan with his father, Cai Zhong and Zengdou. When the two fathers and sons in Taiwan set up a private law firm in the first partnership system in Taiwan. Cai Zhongceng, a Zhejiang man, was born in Shanghai and then went to Taiwan. Cai Zhongceng had been admitted to Yale University and became the first Taiwan student to get Dr. Yale.

Chua returned to Taiwan after graduation and became the leader of the law community in Taiwan. The rise of the entire Taiwan economy has played an important role, and he had been working for 8 years in the government’s key positions, and it could be said that Cai Chongxin was a great man.

Cai Chongxin followed his father’s footsteps to the Yale University and got a bachelor’s degree in economics and a doctorate in law. The two men together was admitted to Yale, Yale has become history an instructive anecdote. A few years ago, to commemorate his father, Cai Chongxin donated $30 million to his alma mater. After graduating from Yale, Cai Chongxin worked in several internationally renowned investment companies. In 1999, Cai Chongxin worked for a German investment company at an annual salary of 700 thousand dollars. He knew Ma Yun because of his work. At this time Ma Yungang failed in Beijing and returned to Hangzhou to set sail again. He started a Alibaba with his 17 friends and relatives.

Cai Chongxin was infected by Ma Yun’s infection. After that, he went to Hangzhou with his wife and joined Ma Yun’s team. Cai Chongxin’s wife, Wu Minghua, is worth mentioning. Wu Minghua not only learned amazing, and temperament, her family background is also very powerful. Wu Minghua’s grandfather is Wu Sanlian, and is also a famous figure in Taiwan. Wu Sanlian is not only the founder of Southern textile, or Tainan for mobile phone.

, but Ma could only pay Cai Chongxin 500 yuan, even Ma did not believe that Chongxin would like to join Alibaba, but that’s the fact. At that time in Ma Yun’s entire team, it was not the top talent at the time until Cai Chongxin, a financial expert, joined the law. What

Cai Chongxin has brought to Alibaba is an amazing transformation. At that time, the Alibaba had been unable to get the money, and it won’t be long for 500 thousand to join the other partners with Ma Yun. Cai Chongxin decided to go back to Taiwan to help Ma Yun raise money, but just happened to encounter a friend who worked in Goldman Sachs in the hotel. So when he was matched by Cai Chongxin, Goldman Sachs became the first investor in Alibaba and brought Ma Yun 5 million dollars in investment.

can say that without Cai Chongxin, there was no Ma Yun and the Alibaba today. In the development of the Alibaba, Cai Chongxin has played the role of the mainstay more than once. In 2000, Sun Zhengyi talked with Ma Yun about the ideals of Ali in Ma Yun’s negotiations, while Cai Chongxin played his own skills, which complements Ma Yun’s professional shortcomings.

is hard to say who and Cai Chongxin is who made them. They can be said to be the best partners. In today’s eighteen one has left the Ali arhat one time, only Cai Chongxin has been ranked number two position of Alibaba. Among the permanent partners of the Alibaba, Mr. Ma is Cai Chongxin. Many Ali’s insiders even say that Cai Chongxin’s role in many times is bigger than that of a horse cloud. Cai Chongxin can be said to be the richest man in order to help Ma Yuncheng China.

Cai Chongxin is the second largest shareholder of Ali, currently has a net worth of his into the Hongkong rich list of the top ten, with the soaring value of Alibaba, Cai Chongxin’s net worth is also catching up with Li Jiacheng. Not long ago, Cai Chongxin joined Ma Yun, and two people donated about 10000000000 Alibaba shares together to form a Ma Yun charity fund. In fact, just like doing charity work, many things are done by Cai Chongxin. But Cai Chongxin is willing to be the mysterious man behind Ma Yun.