The province is a thousand miles away from

The province is a thousand miles away from Beijing, but a piece of land belongs to Beijing.

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as a whole, the northernmost province of China is Heilongjiang province with the highest latitude.

Heilongjiang province has a large area, 473 thousand square kilometers, separated from Heilongjiang (River), wusuri River, and across the river from the Russian control area. Jilin province to the south, West Inner Mongolia. Heilongjiang is very interesting, he has a level of the Greater Khingan Range area, the area is not resident in Heilongjiang Province, Inner Mongolia city of Hulun Buir, but the neighbors in Elunchun banner. At the same time, there is a piece of land inside Heilongjiang, and it does not belong to the jurisdiction of Heilongjiang, but it is the capital Beijing, which belongs to Heilongjiang thousands miles away.

this place is the famous Shuanghe farm. The reason is because the farm sector, Shuanghe, two river, Allen River and the river.

Shuanghe farm is located in the east of Gannan County, Qigihar, Heilongjiang province. It is said to be a farm, with an area of 380 square kilometers, which is already equivalent to a county in Hebei.

is the same as Beijing, and Fengtai District is only 304 square kilometers.

Heilongjiang is a famous black Beidacang, fertile land quality, Shuanghe farm, the name suggests, is the land, arable land will have 200 square kilometers. So, a piece of arable land in Heilongjiang is given to Beijing to enrich the vegetable basket in Beijing? Now it should be, but at that time, the most important use of the Shuanghe farm was to detainees. Until now, the Shuanghe farm has another identity — the Beijing Shuanghe — Lao Education Institute. In

1956 years, it was not called the Shuanghe, but the Yinhe, which belonged to the branch of the Heilongjiang Gong — an hall, Nenjiang. In 1964, the management of the Yinhe farm in Nenjiang was given to the five places of the Beijing Public Security Bureau. At first, it was not used as a prison, but to reclaim wasteland. In the right of membership, it is known that there is a production building — a corps — group in Xinjiang, but in fact, there is one in Heilongjiang.

and Shuanghe farm, belong to the Heilongjiang production construction — the 5 division of the Corps — group, fifty-sixth groups, equivalent to the county level. The Great Northern Wilderness into the Beidacang, begin at this time. By

, in 1976, the production and Construction Corps of Heilongjiang became a historical term. Shuanghe farm was also returned to Heilongjiang, but it no longer belonged to the public safety system and the pure farm. But five years later, considering the situation of social governance and the tightening up of the society, the pressure of Beijing prisons is bigger and bigger, because there are too many people coming in. What should I do? Thinking about the two rivers, the two rivers were also given to the Beijing labor reform system. The

made things, is in here, in addition to the re education of the soul, but also personally participate in agricultural labor. There are two different modes of activity in Shuanghe river. First, the reform of the nature of the Labor Institute, the two is the agricultural nature of the farm, both management.

in 2011, the farm and the labour Institute merged into one, and they were no longer managed separately.

formal name, called Beijing prison — Prison Management — Bureau Shuanghe Labor Education — foster house. If only agricultural operations are involved, Beijing Shuanghe farm is called.

, however, it is not in line with the current situation because of the operation of agriculture and the operation of agriculture. Therefore, Beijing Shuanghe’s farm, the farm of the Institute, is classified as a unit in Beijing specializing in agriculture and still belongs to Beijing.

now Shuanghe has become a Beijing enclave in Heilongjiang. In terms of the nature of labor and education, the more important meaning of Shuanghe’s in Beijing lies in the development of agriculture. Shuanghe farm has now developed into a large scale mechanized farm, and the modernization of agriculture is fully reflected here. Beijing has such a large piece of land in the land of rich fertile Heilongjiang, Beijing and sack basket, plays a large role.

besides grain and vegetable cultivation, Shuanghe farm has also started animal husbandry and aquaculture, and is a very strong agricultural unit.

however, the ownership of 11 thousand of the existing two river farms in the population still belongs to Heilongjiang, but the right to management is given to Beijing. The equivalent is that Beijing has rented two river farms in Heilongjiang, and a lot of social relations are still in Heilongjiang. For example, the license plate of a two river vehicle still hangs on the black B in Qigihar, Heilongjiang. On the account, unless it is the original staff of Beijing, generally there is no Beijing residence. When buying a house, it does not implement the policy of buying a house in Beijing. In the current Shuanghe farm, there are some workers from Beijing in the early days, but later, more from Gannan county.

municipalities in the provinces «rent», Beijing is not special, Shanghai also has. For example, in the famous coal base — Jiangsu city of Xuzhou province Peixian along the Weishan Lake, there is a large coal mine in Datun, all under the Shanghai.

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