Why not a mobile phone network, Alipay and WeChat

Why not a mobile phone network, Alipay and WeChat can pay the payment?

2018-04-15 00:25:03

believes that WeChat paid, Alipay, the two mobile payment software, is the most contact with the people, the most widely used mobile payment software. Do not know, how many careful students will find, sometimes the mobile phone does not have network, can also pay success, this is exactly how to achieve it?

jeep is not a technician, but simply introduces its principles. In the payment process, can be divided into three major categories:

users and businesses have network

this is the most ideal state, but also the state of our frequent contact. Each code is generated by the server and is relatively safe. Even if a two-dimensional code is upgraded or adjusted safely, we don’t have to manage our users because it is a server — side adjustment. This is often said, online payment.

users network, business network

sometimes, because of reasons of shutdown or bad signal, the mobile phone has no signal, the time to pay, but the payment is successful, it is often said that, offline payment. The first step of

, when there is a network, we open the Alipay APP to the server for the

token seed; the second step, then the server will generate a token algorithm according to the seed, then sent us this token seed, and then stored in a mobile phone;

third, in the network, Alipay APP will use the token Seed + time + algorithm to generate a string of numbers is generated, we use offline

code; the fourth step, when the merchant scan code, check the offline server by the algorithm code, if it is from the mobile phone, then complete the payment confirmation.

this offline code has several key points: the payment code can be generated offline, including user identification, token, and so on, and it will be updated once every 60 seconds. The

user side can be offline, but the merchant’s scavenging gun needs to be online. Scan code to read offline gun code, need to upload information to the server of alipay. It may be a little difficult to understand, but in fact, it is very well understood that businesses can not get the information of payment completion, so it is impossible for us to leave, so they must be online.

users, businesses do not have the

network there is a situation of users, businesses both off-line, which both the off-line scene is relatively simple, the more common scenario is the bus payment, sweeping the two-dimensional code of transit fees. In Alipay, the page will generate a specific payment code, and Alipay home payment code is not the same. Payment method, first account, and other networking to do security verification and then withhold.