China Weather Network Guangxi station is affected

China Weather Network Guangxi station is affected by cold air. Up to 16 o’clock yesterday, most of the temperature in the whole area has dropped to 10~14 degrees, and the temperature in the whole state is reduced by over 15 degrees. But due to the cold air is not, southern coastal region of Guangxi is another picture, most of the temperature reached 29~33 degrees Celsius, the body feeling is still hot.

predicts that today, the 5 cities of Hezhou, Laibin and other cities will have small to moderate rain, local heavy rain to rainstorm, and prevent severe convective weather such as short-time thunderstorms and strong winds, while other parts of our area include showers or thunderstorms. As the early temperature is high, the temperature will bring a more comfortable body feeling to everyone, but the temperature will be more comfortable, but the weather is turning.

Guangxi meteorological observatory forecast:

strong wind warning and marine weather forecast

Beibu Gulf sea surface: today, showers, north wind 6~7, gust 8; 16 days, showers, north wind 5~6, gust 7.

Hepu to Dongxing coastal typhoon alarm station all over the coast, the strong wind signal No. 1 wind ball does not change.

land weather forecast

today, parts of Hezhou, Laibin, Guigang, Wuzhou, Yulin and other cities have small to moderate rain, local heavy rain to rainstorm or short time thunderstorms, strong winds and other severe convective weather. Other areas of our region are cloudy to cloudy, and there are local showers or thunderstorms. There are 5~6 levels of the north wind in the coastal area, and the temperature in the south of Guangxi is 4~6 degrees centigrade.

16, southeastern Guangxi to medium rain, local heavy rain, in other areas of our region to cloudy parts of the region there are showers.

forest fire weather rating: Southwest Guangxi, Northwest Guangxi 3, medium fire danger, Southeast of Guangxi, Northeast Guangxi 2, lower fire risk, middle 1 in Guangxi, low fire risk.

Nanning City: today, the shower turned negative, the northeast wind was 2~3, the minimum temperature was 17, the highest temperature was 22. (Editor: Tang Xiaoshan)