What Is plentixCryptocurrencies and tokenized

What Is plentix

Cryptocurrencies and tokenized economies make it possible to envisage the entire value chain of consumers, products, and producers from a referral perspective. We present Plentix, a token platform that enables users to refer other users to business entities and allows business entities to enforce existing APIs for industry-specific directives and enables safe, secure, and faithless exchange of values ​​to occur. Unlike other reference platforms, Plentix releases new global ecosystem potential to monetize referrals for each stakeholder, from producer to consumer.

About Plantix:

Plentix is ​​a decentralized blockbain based platform and application that aims to connect and reward all participants in the online referral program.

Plentix is ​​a blockchain-based project that aims to balance the referral economy and spread awards to all participants. Merchants, users, friends, even app developers may receive an award in the form of a discount or a Plentix token. The choice to propose ICO instead of traditional seeds and A series funds through venture capital allows community participation and the opportunity for everyone to reap the benefits of a global referral economy.

Advantages of Plantix:

A decentralized and distributed Blockchain system — providing businesses and developers with a structure to keep the platform free while, at the same time, allowing a large number of developers to build it. Automated smart contract

The Plentix platform empowers developers to write their modules, the Plentix application will allow programmers write modules to be integrated with Plentix applications and transfer the cost of programming GAS to them when businesses using their software modules have transactions.

Plentix is ​​a platform that gives developers the flexibility and tremendous potential to earn revenue through their development. A developer can use the Plentix API to write their own software modules, either on the platform or through their own 3rd party applications.

revenue for each customer’s interaction through its development; That is, programmers can use the Plentix feature to write administrative panels tailored specifically to businesses that they interact and get paid for each transaction with that business.

Our ecosystem:

the referral marketing industry is estimated to be worth more than $ 11 billion dollars, ReferralCoins claims to have produced the first digital token designed specifically for referral economics. Use open-source software to support decentralized networking. Reference coins claim that those who participate in networking support use software to send and receive digital tokens using public ledgers open to record the transaction.

Plentix is a platform that gives developers and businesses tremendous flexibility — and the potential to earn revenue through their development. For example, a business or developer can use the set of Plentix APIs to write their own software modules, applications, or feature sets (on the platform or through their own third-party apps) that will be integrated into the Plentix software.

PTSNs Profile:

1 ETH for 10,000 PTN.

outstanding and intends to sell 100 Million PTN.

Plentix is a groundbreaking innovative platform that disrupts the referral economy using cutting-edge block-to-art technology. It leverages new software architecture concepts such as configurable modules to allow developers to use the Plentix open source API to design and launch their own admin panel to better manage lead campaigns — through blockchain technology.

Team Plentix

Alex Javdani, Co-founder & CEO

Yashar Toopchi, Co-founder & CTO

Sasha Blackler, CMO

Adrian Wakefield, Software Developer

Ali Dorri, Blockchain Security Architect

Maziar Rezaei, Senior Software Developr

Advisory Board

Steve French, Lead Software Development

Saeed Rastegar, Blockchain Architect

Boris Otonicar, Blockchain Consultant

Details Information:

Official Website: http://plentix.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/plentix_ico/

Medium: https://medium.com/plentix

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/plentix_ico/

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/BDJxjxEf3BUMKQLa3pIAHA

Github: https://github.com/yashartp/Plentix

Whitepaper: http://plentix.io/assets/download/PLENTIX_WHITEPAPER_V5.pdf

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