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The standard of care for endometriosis patients is in need of drastic improvement. Patients go to emergency rooms because they are in so much pain, only to be turned away because ER doctors do not know enough about the disease or think patients are only there seeking drugs.
As a result, many patients are not given any form of treatment or have any tests done. Yet through it all, the pain of endometriosis remains excruciating, making it difficult to do daily tasks. 

Unfortunately, it can take women with the disease anywhere from seven to 10 years to be properly diagnosed with endometriosis. They may also be misdiagnosed with different illnesses. This is because medical professionals are still not being taught about endometriosis during their college curriculum. 

Women should not have to endure multiple surgeries or have drastic procedures, such as a hysterectomy, in hopes that their pain will diminish. Having one or more surgeries each year is invasive, costly, and can create more scar tissue for the patient. If more physicians were taught about endometriosis and how to excise the disease during surgery, these measures would not need to be taken.

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