It Follows Studio: Radius-TWC Directed by

It Follows

Studio: Radius-TWC Directed by David Robert Mitchell

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It may be someone you know. It may be a stranger in a crowd. It moves slowly. It always walks. Don’t let it touch you. It Follows.

Those are the rules that govern David Robert Mitchell’s sensationally creepy new horror film. A young woman (The Guest’s Maika Monroe) and her friends live under constant terror and threat of death when this unnamed monster latches onto her, courtesy of one of cinema’s worst-ever boyfriends. They’re forced to move from one hiding place to the next each time the dreaded, walking thing catches up with them. While its victims are inevitable worn down, and almost always give up in the end—it never does. The creature’s terrifying persistence taps into a base fear that audiences may not have felt this strongly since Romero’s slow-moving living dead first shambled onto screen almost 50 years ago. Yes, this horror is escapable, but you never know when it will show up, or what it will look like—how long before you tire of running? How long before you finally give up and let it take you?

Between this new “It” and last year’s sinister Mr. Babadook, horror lovers should kneel at their unholy altars and thank the cinema gods for new monsters.

Author rating: 7.5/10