DmC Devil May Cry abilities that can be unlocked

DmC Devil May Cry abilities that can be unlocked to level up Dante.

DmC Devil May Cry abilities help Dante in leveling up different tactics in which will help you defeat the different types of Demons in  the game. See the list below of all the abilities that Dante is able to perform and you will be able to upgrade during the playthrough of the game. Learn each ability to have a good strategy when going against the different bosses and enemies in the game to be able to survive longer.

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DmC Devil May Cry Abilities

Jump/Double Jump – No Upgrade Needed

Evade – New feature in which you can dive away from attacks

Angel Boost – This ability can be performed by hitting LT + R on the controller

Devil Trigger –  This ability you are able to upgrade it and you can increase your power when using it.

Ophion Demon Pull – Hit RT + X to pull your enemy closer to you with a chain

Ophion Angel Lift – Hit LT + X to propel your enemy into the air with combo attacks

Orb Harvester – Allows Dante to gather more red orbs in combat

Item Finder – Allows Dante to collect items easier.

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