Control light and colour directly on your raw

Control light and colour directly on your raw images at the time of shooting


Control light and colour directly on your raw images at the time of shootingKeep the quality of your images without excessive post production workCreate specific effects saving time on your computerSame filter for all your lenses by just replacing the adaptor ringOtate, slide, decentre in all directions for more precision and creativity


Compatible with Cokin P series.Gradual filter is a MUST fordigital users, because the digital sensor unlike film has very lowexposure tolerance. Detail will be lost on both low and high light area.To correct this, you need gradual filter to balance it

Package Includes:

24 Pieces Filters

1 Piece ND2 Filter 1 Piece G.ND2 Filter1 Piece ND4 Filter 1 Piece G.ND4 Filter1 Piece ND8 Filter 1 Piece G.ND8 Filter1 Piece Blue Filter 1 Piece Graduated Blue Filter1 Piece Orange Filter 1 Piece Graduated Orange Filter1 Piece Brown Filter 1 Piece Graduated Brown Filter1 Piece Pink Filter 1 Piece Graduated Pink Filter1 Piece Red Filter 1 Piece Graduated Red Filter1 Piece Green Filter 1 Piece Graduated Green Filter1 Piece Yellow Filter 1 Piece Graduated Yellow Filter1 Piece Purple Filter 1 Piece Graduated Purple Filter1 Piece ND16 1 Piece Sunset Filter4 Pieces 6 Slot Case9 Pieces Ring Adapter + 1 Piece Filter Holder + 1 Piece Square Lens Hood +1 Piece Wide Angle Holder1 Piece 49mm Ring Adapter1 Piece 52mm Ring Adapter1 Piece 55mm Ring Adapter1 Piece 58mm Ring Adapter1 Piece 62mm Ring Adapter1 Piece 67mm Ring Adapter1 Piece 72mm Ring Adapter1 Piece 77mm Ring Adapter1 Piece 82mm Ring Adapter1 Piece 3 Slots Filter Holder1 Piece Square lens hood1 Piece Wide angle holder