Acts/Facts (ICR April) did a excellent article by

Acts/Facts (ICR April) did a excellent article by Dr. Randy Guiiuzza on features in biology that creatures share.

its stresses how evolutionists are forced to invoke convergent evolution to explain the evolution of vey like features in unrelated creatures. they must say selection affected creatures due to a place they live and this happened to unrelated creatures and so like results in looks etc. This is so unreasonable it should be become a top ten YEC criticism.

Indeed a better idea of common design with innate mechanisms to allow creatures to change and these changes are limited by options in biology.

The article brings up snakes. Boas and pythons are said to be unrelated but both groups show like adaptions in member species that demands a innate mechanism and rejection of selectionism on mutations. 

Throughout biology one finds unrelated critters having the same results as each other for like environments.

ONE COMPLAIN i have is about how it shoukld be stressed that boas and pythons do come up with like results because they are the same kind from Eden/Ark.

i think YEC should carry the ball on this and make a new and greater equation about how diversity in creatures does indeed come from innate triggers in the body.

Including inventing poison, rattles, etc etc for snakes. right now YEC hides or is shy about whether snakes are one kind BECAUSE they are uncomfortable with how they could of changed so quick into such diversity. This article is great for suggesting the CET model.